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Client of the Month: Kimmie Baker

My name is Kimmie Baker and after trying many different methods to get healthy, I feel very blessed to have found JAB to call home every morning at 5am! My before picture is not of a woman that my fellow jabbers would recognize…..quite honestly, I don’t even recognize her myself. The picture is of me 5 years ago 130 pounds heavier than I am today. She had a friend that loved her enough, to sit her down and say, “Kimmie, it’s time to make a healthy change so that you will be here for many years for your family.” I ended up making the choice to spend $15,000 for weight loss surgery. Due to complications during the surgery it was not completely successful. I struggled mentally with the fact that I did not get the results I had wanted for quite some time. I finally had to get out of my own head and come to the realization that it wasn’t that my surgery was unsuccessful…..quite the contrary….it was a blessing. I lost enough weight that I could now start to exercise without being in pain.

That brought me to my next challenge…how do you exercise? I had a gym membership, but I wasn’t using it. I would walk in and feel so completely overwhelmed with anxiety that I just stopped going. That’s when I saw my friend Jenny going thru an amazing outward transformation. She had told me about JAB, and it sounded fun, but it also sounded terrifying! It took me a full year to get the courage to finally really talk to her about it, and ask her if she thought it was something that someone like me who was not an athlete could still handle. Jenny told me what a supportive environment JAB was, and she felt 100% confident that I would love it!

My first day Jessica flagged me over and took me to the punching bags since it was boxing day. She showed me how to punch, and from the first hit on the bag I was hooked! Since that day, I have had an outward transformation of my own. But, the real transformation has happened from the inside out. I have found that I am a mentally strong person that can do just about anything I put my mind to. Sure, there are still some things I’m not physically strong enough to do. But, every day I am getting stronger, and I know eventually I will physically be able to do the things my mind says that I can. The most important part of JAB to me is the people who have encouraged me since the day I walked thru the doors. Trainers Jessica, Chris, Jackie, Bob, and Jenny……thank you for kicking my butt and being right there to encourage me to keep going when I feel like I have hit my limit. You all have pushed me to points physically that I never imagined possible. My fellow Jabbers…..thank you for always making me laugh and smile every day! The fun I have with all of you is what drives me to get my butt out of bed at 4:15am and come see how much stronger we can be today than we were yesterday!

To anyone that is “On The Fence” as to if JAB is something they can physically handle…..I say you will never know until you try. I know once you come in and get thru your free first week you will see how it is an environment for every fitness level, and one of the most supportive groups of people you will ever meet. The most important transformation I have had…..is that I have learned “I AM WORTH IT!”

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