JAB Fitness Studio

Summer Weight Loss Challenge

JAB’s Summer Weight Loss Challenge is back! The fun kicks off at 7:30am on July 16th, and runs through August 27th.
Cost: $100 for the challenge, plus monthly tuition.

  • $10 per participant will go to the person who loses the most overall pounds.
  • $10 per participant will go to the person who lost the most overall body fat.

The program includes:

  • JAB t-shirt
  • Access to our biggest loser meal plans
  • Weekly last-chance workouts and check-ins with your JAB coach to ensure your weight and body fat are dropping
  • Private Facebook support group with meal ideas
  • Weekly ‘body-weight’ workout challenge posted by the JAB coaches, to be completed by each participant on their own
  • One ‘legendary’ lake workout challenge
  • One ‘mystery’ challenge

Rules to participate:

  1. Must be present for start and finish assessments.
  2. Must attend 4 out of 6 of the last chance workouts on Monday nights at 5:15-6pm and at that time turn in a honest food journal and weigh in and check body fat.
  3. Participants must attend at least two JAB classes per week and complete and post time of reps of the body weight challenge within the summer challenge private Facebook group.
  4. Participants will be asked to participate in the mandatory JAB challenge on 7/30 and the mandatory Lake challenge on 8/13 and if for some reason you can not make it you are required to give 24 hour notice to one of the JAB coaches.
  5. All participants must be present at the final weigh-in to be eligible to win.
  6. All participants must sign in on attendance sheet and meet the two class minimum per week to qualify to win along with post their weekly challenge and turn in food journals if these requirements are not met you are still eligible to finish the program but not to win the grand prize.