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January, Client of the Month- Ben Oram

Posted by Rafaela on January 30, 2018

I came to JAB at the request of my wife who was looking for something motivating and consistent. We attended the open house together in January 2016 and signed up for a trial run. It has now been a year and I think the trial is going well. For several years prior to joining JAB, […]

Client of the Month: Kimmie Baker

Posted by Site Admin on June 1, 2016

My name is Kimmie Baker and after trying many different methods to get healthy, I feel very blessed to have found JAB to call home every morning at 5am! My before picture is not of a woman that my fellow jabbers would recognize…..quite honestly, I don’t even recognize her myself. The picture is of me […]

This is  a test page!